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                  放眼未來,重慶市開普特建材公司將秉承 “開拓創新,務實進取”的企業理念,高標準,嚴管理,以過硬的產品質量和及時的售后服務迎接市場和客戶的需要;引領重慶水泥管道及相關水泥制品行業的持續、健康發展;攜手開普特,共創美好新天地!

            Chongqing Capote Building Material Co., Ltd. is a building material enterprise which integrates customization, processing and sales of various types of cement products, such as inner diameter cement pipe, socket, pipe jacking, buried pipe, roadside stone, water grate, well seat, well cover, grass planting brick, road slab brick, isolation pier and so on. Since its establishment, the company has consistently pursued the management concept of treating each other sincerely and winning by quality, relying on scientific progress. Continuous development of new products to meet the continuous market changes and customer application needs; company management and technical backbone engaged in cement pipeline industry for decades, production management experience rich, in strict accordance with the national and related industry testing standards, cement pipelines and roadside stones and other cement products with accurate geometry, high compressive strength, good wear resistance, and due to reasonable product prices, supply clothing Timely business, by the vast majority of real estate and municipal projects using units of trust and praise!
            Looking to the future, Chongqing Capote Building Materials Company will uphold the enterprise concept of "pioneering, innovative, pragmatic and enterprising", with high standards and strict management, to meet the needs of the market and customers with excellent product quality and timely after-sales service; to lead the sustainable and healthy development of Chongqing cement pipeline and related cement products industry; to join hands with Capote to create a better new world!

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